In the words of the HARVARD REVIEW -  "Everyone who makes it has a MENTOR"

WINGs encourages member support and growth, the benefits are both invaluable to both the mentor and mentee. People who mentor are often experienced professionals, mentors have an opportunity to hone their training skills while developing a loyal network of supporters.

Program Outline

Mentorship Program Details

  • All mentors and mentees are WINGs participant members
  • The program is voluntary for both mentors and mentees
  • Members with a minimum of 2 years of direct Corporate Immigration experience may volunteer
  • Mentors and mentees will be matched according to skill sets and developmental needs
  • Mentors may work with up to two mentees at a time
  • 6 month commitment – minimum of 1 meeting per month
  • A mediator will be assigned to address any concerns arising out of the program

What this program is designed to do:

  • To provide access to seasoned, non-legal, immigration expertise
  • To provide 1:1 support
  • To enrich the overall immigration expertise and quality of the WINGs membership
  • To meet the needs of WINGs Participant members

What this program is NOT designed to do:

  • Mentors CAN NOT set up an immigration program for another company
  • Mentors DO NOT provide solutions to business needs.
  • Mentors DO NOT provide proprietary information to their Mentee
  • Mentors DO NOT provide legal advice
  • Mentors ARE NOT available 24/7. Commit and stick to an agreed schedule

Member Applications


Send applications to Michelle Penoli Zabel

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